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    We're not sure where to find the world's oldest roof but we can be sure it's tile.  Seeking shelter under rocks started with cavemen.  Roof tiles evolved from raw stones to the diverse materials of the present millenium.  Tile roofs last a lifetime.

Monier Spanish S

    By far the most common tile on island is Monier, short for Monier-Lifetile.  Two big cement tile companies merged in the 90's to become the largest in the United States.  Styles range from a slate-like flat and low profile curves to a Spanish S shape.  Lightweight tile suitable for reroofing is also available.

Clay Tile

Clay tiles still cover thousand year old Roman cathedrals.  Most often associated with Spanish and Mediterranean style architecture, clay tile comes in various shapes and colors.  The most popular clay roof is one piece S in a terracotta blend.  However ceramic coated Japan tile is also popular in Hawaii.